Remedial Coaching

M.P. Shah Arts and Science College Surendranagar organize Remedial Coaching in every subject. Remedial coaching class is being conducted by respective teachers.   College identifies slow and advance learners through test just after admission of students before commencing classroom teaching. Low performers / slow learners need subject wise remedy. In the first week of teaching teachers organizes remedial teaching for them. Not only is this, at midterm remedial coaching conducted by respective teachers after internal test.  These remedial coaching is provided before college time by the teachers. Remedial teaching is providing them with the necessary help and guidance to help them overcome their problems, after identifying their areas of difficulty. A remedial teaching class is one that is meant to improve a learning skill or rectify a particular problem area in a student. Remedial instruction involves using individualized teaching of students who are experiencing difficulties in specific subject areas. The student needs personal guidance can approach the concern teacher and get solved his/her difficulties.

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