Personal Counselling

Problems, worries and concerns are part of everyone’s life from time to time. Sometimes problems can seem so overwhelming that you have difficulty concentrating on studies and managing day to day obligations. Confidential personal counseling can help the students to understand and confront the challenges they face.

Personal counseling provides an opportunity to explore their concerns in a supportive and non-judgmental environment. Some of the reasons students come to counseling are; dealing with stress, losses, difficult relationships, feeling isolated or depressed, concerns with performance and many others. Sometimes students avoid seeking help when they feel unmotivated or have a vague sensation that something isn’t right but aren’t sure what it is. Whether students want to know what is troubling them or aren’t sure, a counseling professional is available to meet with them and help them to define the problem and to work towards a possible solution.

In M.P. Shah Arts and Science College Surendranagar, each and every faculty member provides academic, personal and therapeutic support for a broad array of students. This job leverages counseling concepts and psychology tools to promote student development and facilitate student success. They may spend a portion of their time in individual counseling sessions or in group sessions through workshop programs and campus outreach activities. In general, each and every student comes to the faculty member for personal counseling for academic support to the students. Personal doubts of students are solved by the concern faculty members. Sometime we find to provide counseling on stress management Department of Psychology provides special personal counseling whenever students need psychological treatment. 

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