Bridge Courses

A bridge course for newly admitted students is conducted every year before the commencement of the first semester classes. The main objective of the course is to bridge the gap between subjects studied at Pre-university level and subjects they would be studying in Graduation. The syllabus for the course is framed in such a way that they get basic knowledge on the subjects which they would be learning through graduation. The purpose to conduct this bridge course is to provide fundamental knowledge among the students regarding various subjects which can give students the confidence and skills to successfully transition to college and new curriculum..  The main objective of the bridge course is to fill the gap between Higher Secondary Certificate and their graduation course.  This course is conducted in Mathematics, Physics Chemistry, Botany English, Economics, Gujarati, Sanskrit and Hindi. The students are taught by their respective subject teachers.  It begins in the beginning of semester and continued for a week the course was prepared by head of the department and taught by the faculty member of the respective departments.

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